Centre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Customer Testimonials

"Just thought I would update my testimony with good news . My name is Betty. I was in Toronto for my specialist appointment on June 23rd. I had a breathing test done and the doctor could not believe what he saw. My breathing has improved by 15%. How can this be when I have emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis??? All because of the pulmonary rehab program I did, and I stay active at the gym and walking and remember deep breathing. It works."

-Betty W. North Bay ON

August 2015


"Since my first meeting with the pulmonary team for Home Oxygen my life became easier. They were professional while being kind. I was immediately put at ease as my fears about my difficulty breathing were immediately taken into consideration. I was fitted with a breathing device that was explained in detail and I was told what to expect and what was occurring. From that first day until now they have all been extremely attentive, answering all my questions, quickly returning any phone calls and coming to check/repair supplies right away. They have never decided any of my fears or concerns were imagined problems. These 'air angels' have helped and continue to help me live a near-normal life."

- Maureen K. North Bay ON

March 2015


"My name is Betty and I was first introduced to Cheryl Gates and the Centre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation in 2011 when my husband was on oxygen and going through their pulmonary rehab program. Little did I know, until Cheryl checked, my oxygen levels were in the low 80's and I was then put on Oxygen. Until then the only exercise I had was walking. I immediately asked Cheryl about the Pulmonary Rehab and started in July 2011. We started off slow with the bike and treadmill with Cheryl monitoring us all the way. What a difference it made getting this form of exercise and learning about breathing and puffers wow! I joined the gym where this program is held. I did the Pulmonary Rehab program again in January and February 2014 and it gave me the motivation I needed to keep moving. I am still on oxygen, still going to the gym and still moving! Thank you to Cheryl Gates and the Centre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation for being there for people like me.

- Betty W. North Bay ON

March 2015


"Very knowledgeable staff, kind and caring and take all the time you need to answer questions and make sure you are comfortable."

- Anonymous, North Bay ON

February 2015